An Act to End Child Homelessness

Homeless children are more likely to face problems with malnutrition, substance abuse, academic failure and other risks. This bill would require that the Department of Children and Families help develop housing plans for affected minor children whenever a family is to be evicted from publicly subsidized housing, or from emergency shelter.

An Act Relative to Positive Outcomes and Relations for Students

In an effort to reduce the Massachusetts drop-out rate and motivate our young students, this bill ensures that school resource officers are better trained for working with students to avoid the school to prison pipeline.

An Act Relative to Ensuring the Wellbeing of all Children in the Commonwealth

Recognizing the interconnectedness of health, housing, and hunger prevention in the lives of young people, this legislation enacts policies that will ensure that children are able to get the health services they need, that they will have stable housing and food.

An Act Relative to Children in the Care Protection and Custody of the Commonwealth

Studies have shown that childhood abuse may lead to several mental health issues, including depression, personality disorders and drug addictions. This legislation aims to increase protections against child abuse and neglect. It provides youth in foster care with educational stability by preparing our youth in the Department of Children and Families when they age out of care, and promotes normalcy and permanency for children in the DCF.