An Act to Improve Educational Outcomes for Children in the Commonwealth from birth to school age

Provides most vulnerable children with access to early education and after school programs, improves teacher and provider quality.

An Act ensuring high quality pre-kindergarten education

Provides access to high quality pre-K for 3-4 year olds in underperforming school districts through targeted approach using existing mixed-provider delivery system.


An Act Relative to Healthy Youth

If K-12 public schools choose to teach sex ed, it must be medically accurate, age appropriate and comprehensive 

An Act Enhancing the Educational Outcomes of Expectant and Parenting Students

This bill will establish the expectant and parenting student liaison model in schools with grades 7 or higher in municipalities with the highest numbers or percentages of parenting students. Liaisons work with students to create individualized graduation plans and link them to supports that promote academic success. Requires DESE to track and report on the academic success of the known number of students in each district who are parents.

An Act relative to special education funding

Allows districts to include actual number of students with disabilities enrolled into the Chapter 70 formula. 

An Act relative to the composition of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Adds two teachers to BESE that are appointed by the government from separate teacher associations. 

An Act establishing an educational mandate task force

Establishes task force to review existing state mandates and develop recommendations.  

An Act establishing a foundation budget reserve account

With the creation of a foundation budget reserve account, school districts experiencing greater than 100 new-student enrollments after October's student census will be allowed to apply for prorated student funding through the Board of Education.

An Act relative to charter schools

If there is no municipal approval of a charter school, funding must be provided by the Board of Education without usage of Chapter 70 or any other local funds. 

Universal Pre-K and Mandatory Full-Day Kindergarten

Requires EEC to establish fully-funded pre-k program for all 3 and 4 year olds, five days a week, year round, by 2020, and requires that all students attend full-day kindergarten.


An Act relative to strengthening and expanding affordable, quality higher education opportunities for residents of the Commonwealth

Comprehensive bill directed at making higher education more affordable for residents of our state.

An Act building real incentives for college savings (BRICS)

Creates tax incentive for contributions to 529 college savings plans.

An Act Relative To The Cost of Veteran Higher Education

Waives fees at public community colleges, state colleges and state universities in Massachusetts for all of our armed forces personal and veterans.

An Act concerning sexual violence on higher education campuses

Takes multifaceted approach to improving the way colleges address sexual assault on campus and improves safety and support of students.