An Act relative to medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction

Provides coverage of FDA-approved drugs to assist in opioid addiction recovery.

An Act to Keep People Healthy By Removing Barriers to Cost-Effective Care

This legislation eliminates copays and deductibles for certain high-value and low cost prescription drugs and treatments such as insulin, inhalers, and anti-retroviral medications. A panel of medical experts within EOHHS will determine which of these services should not be subject to cost sharing, and after approval by the EOHHS Secretary, fully insured health plans would no longer charge copays for them. 

An Act modernizing tobacco control and protecting the health of minors

Regulates e-cigarettes as tobacco products, prohibiting sale to minors and use in smoke-free areas

An Act to Promote Accessibility and Affordability of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Services for Recipients of MassHealth

Makes contracts and executive compension publicly available for the mental health services provided through MassHealth contracts, the majority of which are run by hedge fund investors.

An Act to enhance consumer protection and transparency under the social work licensing law

Establishes minimum professional standards for core DCF, DMH and DYS employees and raises the standard of social workers

An Act Relative to the restoration of oral health benefits for MassHealth Recipients

Restores oral and dental health benefits for MassHealth participants

An Act relative to Medicaid expansion

This bill would expand Medicaid eligibility for seniors in order to supplement their Medicare services. It would increase the poverty limit, as well as eliminate the asset test.

An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policies

This bill would require that disability policies provide the same benefits for behavioral health disorders as physical disorders.

An Act to ensure effective health care cost control

This bill would require the state every year to compare our total health care spending with our projected health care spending if the Commonwealth implemented a single payer health care system; if after several years the “Single Payer Benchmark” outperformed our actual health care spending, the state would be responsible for developing a single payer implementation plan and submitting it to the Legislature.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Training for Elder Protective Services Social Workers

Establishes minimum training standards for elder protective services social workers.

Family and Medical Leave and Temporary Disability Insurance Program Act

Ensures that MA families aren't forced to choose between work and their own health needs

An Act providing health insurance coverage to the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty

Provides health insurance coverage to the surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty