An Act to establish pay equity

This bill seeks to bridge the gender wage gap in three ways: (1) clarifying terminology in the existing law to effectively implement equal pay for comparable work, (2) encouraging pay transparency by permitting employees to discuss their salaries with other employees without penalty while prohibiting employers from maintaining confidentiality policies that cover compensation, and (3) promoting fairness in hiring practices around wages by requiring employers to include the minimum that the job pays when advertising a job and prohibiting employers from paying wages less than what is advertised.


An Act relative to women’s health and economic equity

Closes ACA loophole that allows insurance companies to charge co-pays for some forms of contraception. No-copay contraception helps most vulnerable women in our community.

An Act establishing a bill of rights for victims of sexual assault and related purposes

This legislation renders the criminal and civil justice systems in Massachusetts accessible to victims of sexual violence including Rape Kit Processing, rights to Information and Victim’s Advocates, a task force that reviews the implementation of these procedures and Victim Rights in Criminal Proceedings

An Act to protect access to confidential healthcare

Dependents on health insurance would be able to receive care such as birth control, pregnenacy/ STI tests, and domestic violence counseling without the insurance holder what treatment they got.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Requires employers to make reasonable accommodations like allowing pregnant women to use a stool while working at a cash register or carry a bottle of water while on the job. Additionally, this legislation protects women from retribution when asking for these reasonable accommodations and prohibits employers from forcing pregnant employees to take paid or unpaid leave if a reasonable accommodation would allow them to work.


Transgender Equal Access Act

Under current law, a restaurant employee can’t be fired because they are transgender. But they can be refused service at that very same establishment because they are transgender. This bill adds “gender identity” to existing state non-discrimination law for public accommodations.

An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors

Bans LGBT conversion "therapy" from being practiced on minors. Classifies it as abuse.