Malden Awarded $40,000 in Downtown Redevelopment Funds from MAPC

BOSTON - Malden’s state legislative delegation, including Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steve Ultrino, and Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) Executive Director Marc Draisen are pleased to announce that the City of Malden has been awarded $40,000 in state grant funding under the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program.

The funding will enable MAPC staff to assist Malden in a comprehensive parking analysis of the city’s downtown.

“We are pleased to assist the city of Malden in undertaking this analysis of their downtown parking,” said Eric Bourassa, MAPC Transportation Director.  “By matching DLTA funds with the expertise of our transportation staff that we’ve already committed to this project, we hope Malden will be able to take a comprehensive, forward-looking study at a time when they are poised to make significant changes to the downtown landscape.”

“I’m pleased to see Malden receiving this grant funding for an important downtown redevelopment project that will strengthen the local economy and benefit small businesses in the community,” said Senator Lewis.  “With local economic growth being a top priority, I’m very happy that Malden is able to make practical use of the very worthwhile DLTA program and the technical expertise and resources that the program makes available to communities through the MAPC.”

“These funds will be utilized in a comprehensive study that will strengthen Malden's economic growth,” said Representative Donato.  “I am delighted that Malden continues to move forward in a thoughtful and positive manner.”

“The MAPC has been a valued partner to Malden in planning around transportation, energy efficiency, and neighborhood development,” said Representative Brodeur.  “I am excited that this grant money will allow the city to work with them again to update our vision.”

“I’m excited that Malden has been awarded this DLTA grant to support MAPC’s technical assistance to the City,” said Representative Ultrino.  “MAPC’s assistance will provide meaningful benefits to Malden residents and businesses as we continue downtown’s redevelopment.”

The DLTA program was established by a 2006 law, An Act Relative to Streamlining and Expediting the Permitting Process in the Commonwealth.  It enables Regional Planning Agency staff to provide technical assistance to cities and towns on issues including regional collaboration, economic development, housing production, best practices in zoning, and environmental protection.

The DLTA Fund receives an appropriation from the Legislature through the state’s annual operating budget, and was allocated $2.8 million for Fiscal Year 2015.

Mathew Helman

Communications Director

Office of State Senator Jason Lewis