YWCA Malden Awarded $140,000 in an Education Grant for After School Activities

MALDEN – YWCA Malden has been awarded $140,000 in grant money through the 21st Century Community Learning Center’s grant program for middle school programming at Malden’s Ferryway School, Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steven Ultrino announced today.

Malden was one of 12 school districts statewide that received part of the $2.761 million in funding for summer and after school learning programs. About 4,000 students throughout the state will benefit from the grant.

The grant will fund the Malden YWCA’s program held at the Ferryway School for middle school students. The program prepares students for success by focusing on academic, social and emotional development.

“Funding from 21CCLC will allow us to really do a lot of exciting and interesting programs,” said Peg Crowe, YWCA Malden Director of Teen Services. “With this funding the YWCA Malden will be able to offer a full compendium of exciting and engaging programming that taps into students’ curiosity. By engaging middle school students in rich, hands on, and project-based learning where the focus can be on the experience, the process and the activities, rather than the final result, allows them to take ownership of their educational processes, develops academic and 21st century skills that can set them on a path to their future.”

The grant will cover one year of after-school programming, during both the summer and school year, until 6 pm. The YWCA is focusing on middle school students to help fill a gap in after-school opportunities that is addressed at the high school and in elementary schools.

“I’m very pleased that YWCA Malden is receiving this funding to support invaluable afterschool programming,” said Senator Jason Lewis. “The afterschool programs at the Ferryway School that will be funded by this grant will contribute substantially to the development of these students and further help them to achieve their potential.”

“The funds from this grant will provide after school activities that will keep our teenagers engaged in meaningful programs that will help to make them better adults,” said Representative Paul Donato.

I am very pleased that the Malden YWCA received this grant,” said Representative Paul Brodeur. “Giving kids such enriching and engaging programs can only help to open their eyes to new opportunities and point them in a great direction for the future.”

“Malden middle school students will have more after-school opportunities because of this well-deserved grant award,” said Representative Steven Ultrino. “I am thrilled that the YWCA will be running this program at the Ferryway School next year.”




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