Malden Schools Receive Nearly $2.5M for Expanded Learning Time Initiative


MALDEN – Malden’s state legislative delegation, including State Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steve Ultrino announced that Malden Public Schools received nearly $2.5 million through the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Expanded Learning Time grant.

Malden, which was one of eleven school districts to participate in the $14 million program, received $2,483,064 for FY 2016, including $1,119,424.00 at the Ferryway School and $1,363,640.00 at the Salemwood School. The money helps to cover the cost of an extended school day at the two schools, which were some of the first in the state to participate in the program. The money can be used for additional instruction in math, literacy, science and other core subjects; offer enrichment opportunities; and provide educators with more opportunities to plan and participate in professional development.

Representative Ultrino filed an amendment in the House budget this year that successfully added $550,000 to the program, with Representatives Donato and Brodeur as co-sponsors. Senator Lewis filed a similar amendment in the Senate budget.

“The expanded learning time grant has proven very beneficial to Malden Public Schools,” said Malden Superintendent David Derousi. “We reached out to the delegation when this funding was cut, and we have been able to get most of that money back.”

“Extended Learning Time helps students achieve their academic goals and reach their long-term potential,” said Senator Jason Lewis.  “I was very pleased to advocate for increased resources for Extended Learning Time through the Chapter 70 Education Foundation Budget Review Commission; and, I’m especially pleased to see the Ferryway and Salemwood Schools receiving this vitally important grant funding that will greatly benefit Malden’s young minds.”

“The extended day program has been beneficial to both schools and the students,” said Representative Paul J. Donato.

“Extended learning time is a proven strategy for boosting student achievement,” said Representative Brodeur. “This grant money will help the students at Ferryway and Salemwood continue to make great strides in their education.”

“I’m glad that Malden continues to benefit from this funding,” said Representative Ultrino. “Our students at the Ferryway and Salemwood Schools have shown real progress since we’ve implemented this program.”