Rep. Ultrino Hosts Event to Promote Senior Housing Stability

MALDEN – Representative Steve Ultrino (D-Malden) joined community organizations and providers in hosting a forum addressing senior housing and homelessness concerns and sharing resources for Malden’s seniors.

“Many of Malden’s seniors have lived in our community for decades, while others are just getting to know our city,” said Representative Ultrino. “These people are our friends and neighbors, and they deserve services that fit their needs and allow them to continue to live with dignity.”

Representative Ultrino emphasized that helping seniors is a major priority for him in the legislature, citing his work on the recent FY17 House budget, as well as his service on the Legislature’s Joint Committees on Elder Affairs, Public Health, and Health Care Financing. He also is a member of the board of Monsignor Neagle, a low-income housing complex also in Malden.

The event, Building Elder Housing Stability, was held at the Malden Senior Center, where Malden seniors came to listen and ask questions to a panel which included Representative Steve Ultrino and representatives from organizations such as Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), the Malden Housing Authority, Boston Medical Center, Mystic Valley Elder Services, and Mass Senior Action Council. The panel discussed issues surrounding senior mental health, homelessness, rising health care and prescription drug costs, and securing permanent housing.

The panel brought awareness to various resources that their organizations provide in regards to these issues. They also highlighted areas of improvement and ways in which providers and policymakers could better serve this growing population.

“With the expected rapid increase of the senior population in Massachusetts, it is important that we start to invest more in homecare and finding ways to help seniors now,” said Representative Steve Ultrino. “Mental health and housing costs both contribute to the growing elderly homeless population. We need to tackle both and provide the necessary resources in order better serve our seniors.”