Malden Non-Profits See Funding Restored After Mass. House Action

Funding restored for domestic violence survivors, people with disabilities, and homeless families

MALDEN - Representative Steve Ultrino (D – Malden) joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives this week to continue to override Governor Baker’s vetoes of vital services in the FY2018 budget.  These overrides restore funding for several key programs in Malden, including local resources for domestic violence survivors, people with disabilities, and homeless families.

Representative Ultrino urged that funding for these programs be restored in order to protect Malden’s at-risk populations. Local nonprofit Portal to Hope, which provides services to survivors of domestic violence, had $150,000 restored by the House. Malden-based Triangle, Inc., which helps individuals with disabilities succeed in the workforce and in the community, saw $100,000 restored for School to Career programming. Housing Families Inc., also based in Malden, supports homeless families and families on the brink of homelessness. They had $100,000 restored to the budget for educational support and programming for homeless children in the community. An additional $100,000 was restored by the House last week to support a school-based health center at Malden High School.

“These cuts to the budget put Malden’s vulnerable communities further into jeopardy and left local organizations reeling from a loss of funding,” said Representative Ultrino. “I was proud to join my House colleagues in restoring funding to these programs. Survivors of domestic abuse, people living with disabilities, and public school students with less access to health care need these crucial programs and resources.”

After receiving a balanced budget from the Legislature, Governor Baker in July unilaterally slashed funding for many important programs across Massachusetts. By overriding these vetoes, the House ensures proper funding for these services. Other vetoes that were overridden include:

·         Children’s Trust Fund                                         

·         Suicide Prevention

·         Adult Mental Health

·         Emergency Assistance to low-income families in need

·         Safe and supportive schools

·         HIV/ AIDS prevention

·         Funding for Councils on Aging, including the Malden Senior Center

·         Environmental and conservation programs

“After these programs were slashed in July, I promised to fight to restore their funding,” said Representative Ultrino. “I’m very grateful today to the rest of the Malden delegation, to House leadership, and the whole membership for their support of these crucial programs.”

The veto overrides now move to the Senate for consideration.