Malden Schools Receive Nearly $2.5M for Expanded Learning Time Initiative


MALDEN – Malden’s state legislative delegation, including State Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steve Ultrino announced that Malden Public Schools received nearly $2.5 million through the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Expanded Learning Time grant.

Malden, which was one of eleven school districts to participate in the $14 million program, received $2,483,064 for FY 2016, including $1,119,424.00 at the Ferryway School and $1,363,640.00 at the Salemwood School. The money helps to cover the cost of an extended school day at the two schools, which were some of the first in the state to participate in the program. The money can be used for additional instruction in math, literacy, science and other core subjects; offer enrichment opportunities; and provide educators with more opportunities to plan and participate in professional development.

Representative Ultrino filed an amendment in the House budget this year that successfully added $550,000 to the program, with Representatives Donato and Brodeur as co-sponsors. Senator Lewis filed a similar amendment in the Senate budget.

“The expanded learning time grant has proven very beneficial to Malden Public Schools,” said Malden Superintendent David Derousi. “We reached out to the delegation when this funding was cut, and we have been able to get most of that money back.”

“Extended Learning Time helps students achieve their academic goals and reach their long-term potential,” said Senator Jason Lewis.  “I was very pleased to advocate for increased resources for Extended Learning Time through the Chapter 70 Education Foundation Budget Review Commission; and, I’m especially pleased to see the Ferryway and Salemwood Schools receiving this vitally important grant funding that will greatly benefit Malden’s young minds.”

“The extended day program has been beneficial to both schools and the students,” said Representative Paul J. Donato.

“Extended learning time is a proven strategy for boosting student achievement,” said Representative Brodeur. “This grant money will help the students at Ferryway and Salemwood continue to make great strides in their education.”

“I’m glad that Malden continues to benefit from this funding,” said Representative Ultrino. “Our students at the Ferryway and Salemwood Schools have shown real progress since we’ve implemented this program.”

Legislature Passes Balanced FY16 Budget

Includes Key Investments for Malden

BOSTON – Representative Steven Ultrino (D – Malden) joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature to enact a $38.145 billion state budget for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) which emphasizes economic growth, support for residents most in need, and reform of the state’s transportation system. The spending plan makes investments in local aid, education, and human services including an acute focus on behavioral health and substance abuse.

“This was a tough budget year for everyone, but we were able to make some key investments in our future,” said Representative Ultrino. “With the help of the rest of the Malden delegation, including Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato and Paul Brodeur, we secured funding for several important projects and organizations in the city.”

At least $150,000 will be used for an analysis of the structural integrity of the existing storm water tunnels in Malden, Everett, and Revere to make sure they are functioning properly and to capacity. $35,000 was appropriated to develop and maintain a community garden by the commuter rail and MBTA tracks that run through the city.

Malden also received funding for social programs throughout the city. Portal to Hope, a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking crimes and serves Everett, Malden, and Medford, received $150,000 in funding. Housing Families, Inc. received $100,000 to provide educational support and programming for homeless children through the GREAT Youth and Families Program. Additionally, Malden received more funding for expanded learning time for students outside of the regular school day.

The budget also addressed many statewide issues that affect Malden and its residents.

Building on a responsible yet proactive approach to bolstering the state’s economy, this year’s budget increases the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) while maintaining a voter-mandated tax reduction and without implementing new taxes or fees. For low-to-moderate households, EITC will increase to 23 percent on January 1, 2016. Increasing this credit is an effective way to fight stagnant wages and lift working families out of poverty.

“This year’s budget features a long-overdue increase of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and I’m thrilled we have taken this substantial step towards addressing income inequality by helping working families in Massachusetts,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst).

The FY16 budget also targets the opioid crisis, strengthening behavioral health efforts enacted in last year’s budget and the landmark substance addiction law through several targeted investments. Many of the programs focus on co-occurring disorders and finding sustainable ways to aid in both prevention and recovery including:

•  $3 million for new clinical stabilization beds to provide for treatment after detoxification;

•  A municipal Naloxone bulk purchasing program to authorize the Department of Public Health to buy and distribute this critical intervention to first responders;

•  A task force to study the feasibility of a prescription drug disposal program;

•  $2.5 million to expand patient access to Vivitrol, a non-narcotic drug that blocks the effect of opiates or alcohol for a period of 30 days;

•  $1.5 million to expand opioid prevention grants;

•  $3.1 million for a new line item for Recovery High Schools, including $1 million to establish two new programs;

•  More than $375 million for Adult Community Mental Health Services, $87 million for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and an additional $4 million for the Department of Mental Health to annualize and expand community placements to free up beds in the DMH pipeline.

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Alexander Pratt 

July 13, 2015

Representative Ultrino Passes His First Bill for Malden

BOSTON – Malden State Representative Steven Ultrino’s first bill as a freshman legislator was signed into law last week. H. 3194, “An Act Amending the Composition of the Stadium and Athletic Field Commission in the City of Malden,” was signed by Governor Baker and submitted to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office Thursday evening.

“It seems fitting that my first bill to be signed into law so directly helps Malden,” said Representative Ultrino. “It’s been great working with the rest of the Malden delegation to improve our city charter and prepare for our summer athletic season." 

This bill is the first home-rule petition sponsored by a new representative to be signed into law this year. The bill first passed the House in early April and the Senate earlier this month. It was introduced by Representative Ultrino and co-sponsored by all of Malden’s state legislative delegation, which includes Senator Jason Lewis, Representative Paul Donato, and Representative Paul Brodeur.

The bill changes the make-up of the board that oversees the stadium and athletic fields in Malden. While the original board was set out in 1946, it has been amended several times since then to reflect the changes in local and school governance. The new board includes the mayor or a designee, the high school principal, the high school athletic director, Malden’s recreation coordinator, and three residents. The previous board make-up made it difficult to schedule the use of the stadium and athletic fields for Malden sports programs.

“I’m very pleased that the Malden delegation was able to work together to get this local priority passed through the Legislature and signed into law, and I thank Representative Ultrino for his leadership steering this bill through the legislative process,” said Senator Jason Lewis.  “Modernizing the Stadium and Athletic Field Commission will make it more responsive and further strengthen Malden’s robust athletic and recreational programs.”

“I was happy to support Representative Ultrino’s bill which will facilitate the scheduling of athletic events in the city of Malden,” said Representative Paul Donato.

“I am pleased to see that Governor Baker has signed this bill into law just in time for summer,” said Representative Paul Brodeur. “My hope is that this law will make it easier for Malden to enjoy athletics going forward.”

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Alexander Pratt

June 22, 2015

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YWCA Malden Awarded $140,000 in an Education Grant for After School Activities

MALDEN – YWCA Malden has been awarded $140,000 in grant money through the 21st Century Community Learning Center’s grant program for middle school programming at Malden’s Ferryway School, Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steven Ultrino announced today.

Malden was one of 12 school districts statewide that received part of the $2.761 million in funding for summer and after school learning programs. About 4,000 students throughout the state will benefit from the grant.

The grant will fund the Malden YWCA’s program held at the Ferryway School for middle school students. The program prepares students for success by focusing on academic, social and emotional development.

“Funding from 21CCLC will allow us to really do a lot of exciting and interesting programs,” said Peg Crowe, YWCA Malden Director of Teen Services. “With this funding the YWCA Malden will be able to offer a full compendium of exciting and engaging programming that taps into students’ curiosity. By engaging middle school students in rich, hands on, and project-based learning where the focus can be on the experience, the process and the activities, rather than the final result, allows them to take ownership of their educational processes, develops academic and 21st century skills that can set them on a path to their future.”

The grant will cover one year of after-school programming, during both the summer and school year, until 6 pm. The YWCA is focusing on middle school students to help fill a gap in after-school opportunities that is addressed at the high school and in elementary schools.

“I’m very pleased that YWCA Malden is receiving this funding to support invaluable afterschool programming,” said Senator Jason Lewis. “The afterschool programs at the Ferryway School that will be funded by this grant will contribute substantially to the development of these students and further help them to achieve their potential.”

“The funds from this grant will provide after school activities that will keep our teenagers engaged in meaningful programs that will help to make them better adults,” said Representative Paul Donato.

I am very pleased that the Malden YWCA received this grant,” said Representative Paul Brodeur. “Giving kids such enriching and engaging programs can only help to open their eyes to new opportunities and point them in a great direction for the future.”

“Malden middle school students will have more after-school opportunities because of this well-deserved grant award,” said Representative Steven Ultrino. “I am thrilled that the YWCA will be running this program at the Ferryway School next year.”




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House Budget Includes Investments for Malden

Rep. Ultrino secures money for community garden, education

BOSTON – Malden State Representative Steve Ultrino joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass its FY16 budget which emphasizes economic growth through investments in multiple areas including education and local aid, reform to the state’s transportation system, and an acute focus on improving behavioral health services. Before passing its final budget, the House approved several amendments offered by Representative Ultrino that invest in the City of Malden.

The $38.05 billion spending bill highlights the House’s ongoing commitment to fiscal prudence and targeted investments, a practice that has resulted in Massachusetts retaining its AA+ bond rating, the highest in the state’s history. The budget includes no new taxes or fees and reduces its reliance on one time revenue sources. For the first time since 2007, it does not withdraw any funds from the Commonwealth’s stabilization fund, leaving the balance in excess of $1 billion.

The final House budget also incorporates amendments offered by Representative Ultrino, including $35,000 for a community garden and an additional $550,000 for the state’s expanded learning time (ELT) grant, which supports the Salemwood and Ferryway schools, as well as other schools throughout the state.

"I am pleased that this budget incorporated much-needed funding for Malden," said Representative Ultrino. "These investments will help our community grow for years to come."

"Representative Ultrino was instrumental in securing additional funding for the ELT grant, which had been cut earlier in the process," said Susan Lovelace, the Massachusetts State Director for the National Center on Time & Learning. "Malden was the first city to adopt an expanded learning time program under this grant, and the schools have seen tremendous results with this investment."

"The expanded learning time grant has proven very beneficial to Malden Public Schools," said Malden Superintendent David Derousi. "We reached out to Rep. Ultrino when this funding was cut, and we have been able to get some of that money back."

The FY16 budget now moves on to the Massachusetts Senate.

- Alex Pratt, Office of State Representative Steven Ultrino

Representative Ultrino Elected President of Freshman Class

BOSTON – Malden State Representative Steve Ultrino was recently elected by his freshmen legislative colleagues as the Class President in the 189th General Court.  In January, twenty new State Representatives were sworn in across the Commonwealth.  Traditionally, freshmen legislators elect class officers to represent them when it comes to the need for training, advocacy, communication with House Leadership, or information on issues that new legislators may have. The class officers are also responsible for hosting the traditional social for freshmen and other occasions that arise during the years.  

 “I extend my congratulations to Representative Ultrino on his election as president of the House of Representative’s freshman class,” said Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo. “In his short tenure, Steve has shown that he is a committed public servant who values open communication and consensus building. I look forward to working with Steve and all of the members of the freshmen class on the important issues facing the Commonwealth this session.”

Ultrino, Focused on Legislature, Won’t Seek Re-Election to City Council

State Representative and Ward 2 City Councillor Steve Ultrino has announced that he will not seek re-election in November for what would be his third term on the Malden City Council, allowing him to focus on representing the city of Malden in the House of Representatives.  Ultrino will continue to serve as the Ward 2 Councilor until the end of his term in early January 2016.

Ultrino said he wanted to officially announce his decision early to grant enough time for interested Ward 2 residents who wish to run for his seat.  “It has been an honor to represent the people of Ward 2 on the Malden City Council.  When I won my election as the State Representative, I promised to finish out my term as Councillor in order to save the expense of a special election to the city and to ensure that Ward 2 continued to be represented on the Council.  I love my work on the City Council and feel I have been able to do a lot of great work in my two terms. “

Ultrino said he was proud of the funds he was able to bring in to Ward 2 to see the completion of MacDonald Stadium and Callahan Park.  "These last few years have also been busy overseeing major road work, tree planting and sidewalk repairs around the Ward.  I am proud of my accomplishments as the Ward Councilor and am flattered to have had the support of so many of my neighbors.  Ward 2 is a great neighborhood with a great future ahead.”  

Ultrino is in his first term at the State Representative in the 33rd Middlesex District which represents all of Wards 2, 4, 6 and 8 as well as Wards 3-1, 5-1 and 7-2.  He was elected on November 4, 2014.

State Rep. Ultrino Visits Students at School Saturday Study Session

Melrose, MA – With Advanced Placement exams approaching fast in May, State Representative Steven Ultrino stopped by  Melrose High School on Saturday, March 28th to support students and teachers from Malden, who had gathered with other area students and teachers to prepare for science exams, which could provide them with credits towards college courses.

Malden High School has partnered with Mass Insight Education to implement their Advanced Placement STEM Program for the last five years.  The program offers three Saturday Study Sessions per school year, including a session with a mock exam, which students are encouraged to attend. Students meet at a school within their regional cluster and work with teachers and peers from other schools who are taking the same AP subject to review course material in preparation for the AP exams in May.

These study sessions challenge teachers to present material they have already taught in a different way, and to a variety of students from different schools. The review sessions provide both professional development for teachers and new perspectives for students on lessons they have previously learned. Thinking about the same subject in a different manner helps prepare the students for exams that may involve critical thinking and refresh their memory on material from early in the year.

All AP courses offered culminate in a May exam designed to measure each student’s mastery of the subject. Exams are graded on a scale of 1-5, with scores of 3, 4 and 5 considered passing or “qualifying” scores.  More than 90 percent of four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP Exam scores.

Left to Right: Julie Shea, Science Department Head, Melrose HS; Amy Johnson, Science Director, Mass Insight Education; Dr. Diane Perito, STEM Director, Malden Public Schools

Malden To Receive Chapter 90 Funding

Assistant Majority Leader Paul J. Donato, and his colleagues in the Malden Delegation, State Senator Jason Lewis, Representative Paul Brodeur and Representative Steven Ultrino, are pleased to announce the appropriation of $914,807 to the City of Malden in Chapter 90 Funding. The funds are issued from the Transportation Bond and will provide emergency street and sidewalk repair.

"The State Legislature recognized the adverse effect this past winter had on our city's infrastructure as well as on the DPW budget," said Leader Paul J. Donato. "These funds will go a long way in helping Malden residents see necessary street and road repairs."

"I'm pleased to see the City of Malden receiving these much needed funds for street and sidewalk repairs," said Senator Jason Lewis. "Especially after the toll this winter has taken on our communities' infrastructure, it is critical for state government to be a supportive partner with local governments in ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians."

"Safety is a top priority, and I am pleased we are making these funds available to Malden after this horrendous winter," said Representative Paul Brodeur.

"If you are driving or walking around Malden, you can see the devastating impact this winter has had on the quality of our roads," said Representative Steven Ultrino. "This funding will assist the city in making repairs to Malden's infrastructure after a very tough couple of months."

From the Office of State Representative Paul J. Donato

March 31, 2015