State Rep. Ultrino Visits Students at School Saturday Study Session

Melrose, MA – With Advanced Placement exams approaching fast in May, State Representative Steven Ultrino stopped by  Melrose High School on Saturday, March 28th to support students and teachers from Malden, who had gathered with other area students and teachers to prepare for science exams, which could provide them with credits towards college courses.

Malden High School has partnered with Mass Insight Education to implement their Advanced Placement STEM Program for the last five years.  The program offers three Saturday Study Sessions per school year, including a session with a mock exam, which students are encouraged to attend. Students meet at a school within their regional cluster and work with teachers and peers from other schools who are taking the same AP subject to review course material in preparation for the AP exams in May.

These study sessions challenge teachers to present material they have already taught in a different way, and to a variety of students from different schools. The review sessions provide both professional development for teachers and new perspectives for students on lessons they have previously learned. Thinking about the same subject in a different manner helps prepare the students for exams that may involve critical thinking and refresh their memory on material from early in the year.

All AP courses offered culminate in a May exam designed to measure each student’s mastery of the subject. Exams are graded on a scale of 1-5, with scores of 3, 4 and 5 considered passing or “qualifying” scores.  More than 90 percent of four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP Exam scores.

Left to Right: Julie Shea, Science Department Head, Melrose HS; Amy Johnson, Science Director, Mass Insight Education; Dr. Diane Perito, STEM Director, Malden Public Schools

Malden To Receive Chapter 90 Funding

Assistant Majority Leader Paul J. Donato, and his colleagues in the Malden Delegation, State Senator Jason Lewis, Representative Paul Brodeur and Representative Steven Ultrino, are pleased to announce the appropriation of $914,807 to the City of Malden in Chapter 90 Funding. The funds are issued from the Transportation Bond and will provide emergency street and sidewalk repair.

"The State Legislature recognized the adverse effect this past winter had on our city's infrastructure as well as on the DPW budget," said Leader Paul J. Donato. "These funds will go a long way in helping Malden residents see necessary street and road repairs."

"I'm pleased to see the City of Malden receiving these much needed funds for street and sidewalk repairs," said Senator Jason Lewis. "Especially after the toll this winter has taken on our communities' infrastructure, it is critical for state government to be a supportive partner with local governments in ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians."

"Safety is a top priority, and I am pleased we are making these funds available to Malden after this horrendous winter," said Representative Paul Brodeur.

"If you are driving or walking around Malden, you can see the devastating impact this winter has had on the quality of our roads," said Representative Steven Ultrino. "This funding will assist the city in making repairs to Malden's infrastructure after a very tough couple of months."

From the Office of State Representative Paul J. Donato

March 31, 2015

Malden Awarded $40,000 in Downtown Redevelopment Funds from MAPC

BOSTON - Malden’s state legislative delegation, including Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Donato, Paul Brodeur, and Steve Ultrino, and Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) Executive Director Marc Draisen are pleased to announce that the City of Malden has been awarded $40,000 in state grant funding under the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program.

The funding will enable MAPC staff to assist Malden in a comprehensive parking analysis of the city’s downtown.

“We are pleased to assist the city of Malden in undertaking this analysis of their downtown parking,” said Eric Bourassa, MAPC Transportation Director.  “By matching DLTA funds with the expertise of our transportation staff that we’ve already committed to this project, we hope Malden will be able to take a comprehensive, forward-looking study at a time when they are poised to make significant changes to the downtown landscape.”

“I’m pleased to see Malden receiving this grant funding for an important downtown redevelopment project that will strengthen the local economy and benefit small businesses in the community,” said Senator Lewis.  “With local economic growth being a top priority, I’m very happy that Malden is able to make practical use of the very worthwhile DLTA program and the technical expertise and resources that the program makes available to communities through the MAPC.”

“These funds will be utilized in a comprehensive study that will strengthen Malden's economic growth,” said Representative Donato.  “I am delighted that Malden continues to move forward in a thoughtful and positive manner.”

“The MAPC has been a valued partner to Malden in planning around transportation, energy efficiency, and neighborhood development,” said Representative Brodeur.  “I am excited that this grant money will allow the city to work with them again to update our vision.”

“I’m excited that Malden has been awarded this DLTA grant to support MAPC’s technical assistance to the City,” said Representative Ultrino.  “MAPC’s assistance will provide meaningful benefits to Malden residents and businesses as we continue downtown’s redevelopment.”

The DLTA program was established by a 2006 law, An Act Relative to Streamlining and Expediting the Permitting Process in the Commonwealth.  It enables Regional Planning Agency staff to provide technical assistance to cities and towns on issues including regional collaboration, economic development, housing production, best practices in zoning, and environmental protection.

The DLTA Fund receives an appropriation from the Legislature through the state’s annual operating budget, and was allocated $2.8 million for Fiscal Year 2015.

Mathew Helman

Communications Director

Office of State Senator Jason Lewis

Representative Ultrino Participates in “Gov on the T Day”

MALDEN – State Representative Steve Ultrino (D–Malden) and other state legislators participated in “Gov on the T Day” on Thursday, March 19 by taking the MBTA to the State House.  The event, organized by GovOnTheT, illustrates the importance of public transportation for workers in Malden and surrounding communities.

 “This has been a very tough winter for our commuters,” said Representative Ultrino.  “Fixing our broken transportation system is a priority for me this legislative session.  When the T isn’t working, our workers and businesses suffer.”   Representative Ultrino cited delayed and cancelled service and a lack of communication from the MBTA and commuter rail as indications of primary concern.

GovOnTheT contacted all 87 legislators who have a T commute under an hour for the event.  Forty-seven legislators had committed to participate, and organizers expected that constituent concern and media presence would bring more representatives and senators to participate.  Just the morning commute was covered.

After a frustrating winter of arduous commuting, organizers hoped that legislators would benefit from a firsthand view of the MBTA before voting on its future.

Mayor Interviewed on Portuguese Radio Show

Mayor Gary Christenson and State Representative Steve Ultrino recently appeared with Pastor Glauder Oliveira on the Assembly of God Church Radio Show. The show, broadcast on Station WLYN 1360 AM is entirely in Portuguese. Malden Police Officer Gustavo Kruschewsky translated for the Mayor and State Representative. For more information, please visit:

State Representative Steve Ultrino, Liliane Paiva of the Brazilian Times Newspaper, Mayor Gary Christenson, Pastor Oliveria, and Malden Police Officer Gustavo Kruschewsky


BOSTON–State Representative Steven Ultrino (D-Malden) was appointed to four committees today when the House of Representatives formed its committees for the 2015-2016 legislative session.

Representative Ultrino was appointed to the Joint Committee on Public Health, the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs, the Joint Committee on Health Care Finance, and the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development. “I am honored to serve the people of Malden on these committees,” said Representative Ultrino. “The legislation these committees consider is high-profile and high-impact, and I look forward to representing Malden’s interests in these important discussions.” Most of the legislature’s committees are joint committees with members appointed from both the House and the Senate.

All legislation is referred to a committee and requires a favorable committee recommendation in order to go to the House floor and, eventually, passage. “The rising cost of health care is our largest budget driver, and it is a top priority this legislative session,” said Representative Ultrino.“ I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Joint Committee on Health Care Finance to contain these rising costs while ensuring access to high - quality and affordable health care.” Representative Ultrino said he was pleased with the committee assignments, including his appointment to the Elder Affairs Committee.

“Too often our seniors are making choices between paying their rent and buying food. I am glad to be a part of the Elder Affairs Committee so I can give a voice to Malden’s seniors and the struggles they face.” Representative Ultrino highlighted the importance of a dynamic and forward - thinking approach to public health policy.

“Whether it’s responding to the opiate crisis or ensuring we are investing in preventative care, the Joint Committee on Public Health’s work will have a profound impact on the well-being of people throughout the Commonwealth,” said Representative Ultrino.

Steven Ultrino was sworn in to his first term as State Representative on January 7th, 2015. He represents the 33rd Middlesex District, which is composed of the City of Malden. Ultrino is also a member of the Malden City Council.